DID you know our pizza crust is made with 100% Organically Grown Wheat?

With only five ingredients, our crust proves that you don’t need fillers or preservatives to make a good pizza crust. The fact that each pizza is hand-stretched is just a bonus.


We have how many cheeses?!?

Sure, mozzarella is great but it’s not the only good pizza cheese. While other brands stick to basics, we bring together more unique, local Vermont cheeses. Feta, sage, tilst, white cheddar, maple smoked, mozzarella, parmesan, asiago, and mozzarella burrata to name a few.


Discover an ionian awakening & 13 other reasons to explore our variety

Each flavor is tried and tested by our chefs and put together by hand — we believe it makes the pizza more meaningful and authentic.


Building Flavors From The Ground Up

Delicious doesn’t happen by accident. You have to imagine it, work for it, and test it until you’ve found the right balance of ingredients. At American Flatbread, we treat our fresh, whole ingredients from New England like the stars they are, and use them to create our own unique flavors. The result is pizza that blows your expectations completely out of the frozen food aisle.

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