Sustainability is key to preserving our planet

At American Flatbread, sustainability is a major focus for us. You can feel good about our delicious, premium pizzas—and our commitment to sustainability. Our goal is to help the earth by minimizing the impact of our business on the environment. 

We have made a commitment in six key areas to ensure we are a leader in this area. We take this responsibility seriously, and we’re proud of the efforts of our entire team and supplier partners that help us honor that commitment every day.

6 key areas of sustainability:

  • Pizza Cartons
  • Shipping Cases 
  • Food Waste 
  • Recycled Vegetable Oil 
  • Wood-Fired “Bricks“
  • Company Recycling

Our pizza cartons are made from renewable and recyclable material, and 90% of our shipping cases are recycled. We also convert food waste to animal feed, and our used vegetable oil is recycled to help make home heating oil. The wood “bricks” used in our wood-fired ovens are made from sawdust -- and we recycle 100% of our paper and cardboard.

We appreciate you

Thank you for learning about our sustainability commitment. 

Our pledge is to continue to keep sustainability a key part of our business model, to help preserve the earth’s resources.