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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ worth it!!! Will continue to order. We order the two vegan versions & add our own toppings

Best vegan pizza

The best vegan pizza out there.

10″ Vegan Harvest (Case of 6)

love your pizza

this pizza is so good - wish i could still buy it in the grocery stores. Can’t find this exact one anywhere anymore..


I'm incredibly thankful for these sourdough crust pizzas. I have to avoid gluten but can eat sourdough bread without consequences, so these pizzas are a great option for me -- and they're delicious too! Thanks, American Flatbread! I loved your pizzas for many years before having to give them up because of gluten sensitivity, so these new products were a wonderful, welcome surprise.

Love this vegan pizza.

Needs improvement

Dough is flavorless. And why bother using organic ingredients and then add toxic canola oil?? Glad I got it half price because it went in the garbage. Mushroom, onion slime all in the middle of the pizza. I won't bother trying any others. I cannot imagine how anybody could give this pizza a five star

So good I had to come to the website and leave a review!

This by far is one of the best vegan pizzas I've ever had. The crust crisps just right, the ratio of cheese and sauce is on point, and the flavor is top-notch! Definitely adding it to my weekly list.

Amazing Flavor and low calorie - Eat one every day for lunch

I have a Tuscan pizza every day - I am trying to lose weight, and this is so tasty and low calorie, it helps me with my weight loss and I don't feel deprived as its filling and a tasty meal.

Pizza’s Were Not Delivered in Good Condition

Hi - I frequently order directly with no issues but this time most of the pizzas were sparsely covered with cheese and did not taste good when cooked. When I opened the delivery box I noticed that it was not packed with much dry ice and the dry ice that was in there was mostly melted.

Awful pizza

Maybe I was unlucky and bought a bad one but the mushrooms, onions and other toppings had combined together into a greasy sludge on top of the pizza. I never share reviews but felt compelled to do so this time.

Best frozen pizza I've ever had, but pricey

I used to buy these religiously. I add my own sautéed veggies (bell peppers, onions, mushrooms) plus fresh jalepenos after.

They are pricey though. If they were cheaper then I would buy a lot more of them.

I've also tried their other pizzas. All of them are great though. Growing up on frozen foods I know far too much about it.. and I've never had a better frozen pizza. It's the first pizza that recommends thawing it before you cook it as well. Meaning they have faith in their ingredients.

10″ Vegan Farmers’ Tomato Pie (Case of 6)

So good! Wish it was bigger!

American Flatbread makes the BEST vegan pizza! WAY better than the other options out there. I just wish it was bigger! At least as big as the non-vegan AF pizzas!


I am OBSESSED with this pizza. Move over Revolution pizza, I have a new favorite! First let me say this is an incredible, light, fresh pizza with a great mix of tomatoes and easy cheese. As a Chicagoan, it hits all my boxes for the perfect pizza, not to mention it also has a healthy sourdough crust! I can't wait to try the Greek Isle pizza as well. I hope these grilled and seared sourdough pizzas are always carried. Plus they are under 400 calories PER PIZZA. I can have an entire pizza and still feel great. Can't wait to buy in bulk!

delicious, vegan pizza

delicious vegan pizza even non-vegan will enjoy. It is my guess. I certainly love it. It's hard not to eat the whole thing and I often do so buy two!

The best

Theses are the best why aren’t they available in ShopRite in New Jersey ?

You need to get them back in ShopRite ASAP , please.

10" Greek Isle - Grilled & Seared Sourdough Crust (Case of 6)
John V
Greek Isle

Love the Greek Isle, but cannot understand how all the Whole Foods in Los Angeles carry every Flatbread Pizza except this one! We are forced to buy online and have them delivered on dry ice in styrofoam box which creates more eco waste. Someone in your company needs to call UNFI and stock this item. I'm not the only customer who wants this based on other reviews.

Best. Vegan. Pizza.

I’ve tried every vegan pizza possible and this is absolutely the best! Delicious! 🍕👍🏻🍕👍🏻🍕

The Best

This pizza is better than almost all NY pizza, vegan or regular. It is fantastic. To me. It should be lightly cooked, not even slightly well done, without adding anything to it. It also has a lot of organic ingredients, and is primarily whole grain. Awesome.


This pizza didn't have any flavor. I added red pepper flakes, everything bagel seasoning and salt to it. Pizza was small. Ate the whole thing which is 360 calories. Although it is supposed to be 3 servings.

Best frozen pizza hands down

Title says it all. Blown away. Got the mushroom pie.

10″ Gluten-Free Cheese Trio & Tomato Sauce (In-Store ONLY)
Christine C
Love it!!!

Gluten free pizza crust often tastes like the cardboard box it comes in——but not this one!!! Thank you so much for making gluten free great. Cheese/herbs mix on top of flatbread are tasty—far from boring. Size also perfect for 1-2 people.
Bought these on recommendations of friends. They are so right

Best flatbread around

The texture and taste of this flatbread is as close as you’re going to get to a freshly made artisan flatbread. You certainly don’t feel like you’re eating a frozen food product.