Product Questions

1. Do you have any peanuts or peanut products in the facility where your products are made?

– No, all of our products are produced in a nut-free facility.

2. Are your products Non-GMO Project Verified?

– All American Flatbread products are formulated with high-quality non-GMO ingredients; however, our products are not Non-GMO Project Verified.

3. Are your products USDA Organic?

– All American Flatbread products are formulated with organic ingredients where possible; however, we are not certified USDA Organic.

4. Are your gluten-free products certified gluten-free?

– Yes, all of our gluten-free products are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO).

5. Is there dairy, soy or other allergens present in your facility?

– Yes, our plants produce various products that may contain dairy, soy, egg or wheat; however, there are allergen swab methods and allergen testing methods in place before and after each production to ensure the product lines are appropriately cleaned before producing the next product. Please check our individual product pages for specific allergen information.

6. Where else can I purchase American Flatbread Products?

– In addition to purchasing directly via americanflatbreadproducts.com, please visit our Where to Buy section on our website to find a retailer near you.

7. What are the nutrition facts for your pizza?

– All ingredients and nutrition information can be found on our website under our products section. Detailed nutrition information is also prominently labeled on all packaging.

8. Where are your products made?

– All of our products are hand crafted in Pittsfield, New Hampshire.

9. Is your packaging recycled?

– Yes, all of our flatbreads are packaged in cartons made from recycled board and soy inks.


1. Can I add additional products to my existing order?

– We are unable to add to your order once the order has been placed. However, since we offer free shipping on our products please feel free to place an additional order at any time.

2. The product I am looking for is out of stock on your website. When will it be back in stock?

– We apologize that the product you are looking for is out of stock on our website. We are always working hard to make sure all items are back in stock as soon as possible – for specific questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at info@americanflatbreadproducts.com.

3. Do you have international distribution?

– We do not have international distribution options.

4. What Is The Shipping Schedule?

– All orders will ship within 4-5 business days or less. We currently ship Monday – Wednesday, FedEx 2-Day. Orders placed after 3pm EST on Wednesdays cannot ship until Monday. Frozen shipments cannot be in transit over the weekend, so the destination, shipping method and day & time of checkout all impact when your order will arrive. Orders placed to residential addresses can arrive on Saturdays, though we cannot schedule Saturday deliveries to commercial addresses. We are unable to ship on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

5. How Do Orders Ship?

– Thank you for your interest in placing an order with American Flatbread! We deliver to your home or business (just not to P.O. boxes) via FedEx 2-Day. We ship our products in a cooler box, with enough dry ice to ensure that your products arrive cold and in perfect condition. Currently, we are unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii or internationally.

6. Do you offer expedited shipping?

– Currently, we do not have an expedited shipping option. We utilize FedEx 2-Day shipping for all of our orders placed through Amazon. Orders are shipped in our eco-friendly coolers, with enough dry-ice to compensate for transit time.

7. I don’t see any dry ice in my shipment – is it safe to consume?

– Because dry ice evaporates over time, there may be little to none left once your items are delivered. Provided the items are slightly frozen/cold, they can be immediately placed into the freezer. If your items are still cold, they are perfectly safe to consume. If the items are not cold when they arrive please contact us at info@americanflatbreadproducts.com and we would be happy to send you replacements.

8. Can I touch dry ice?

– Since dry ice has a temperature of -109.3F or -78.5C, it is not suitable to handle without protective gear. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Always wear thick gloves when handling directly.

9. How do I dispose of unused Dry Ice?

– Wearing suitable hand protection, place unused dry ice into an uncovered, durable plastic or metal container and allow it to sublimate/evaporate in a secure, well-ventilated area. DO NOT DISPOSE OF DRY ICE in sinks, toilets, sewers, trash bins or garbage cans, or in any area accessible to the general public.

10. Are there any other warnings about Dry Ice?

– YES! Since dry ice is solid Carbon Dioxide once it sublimates it can be poisonous and cause suffocation! Always handle dry ice in a well-ventilated area while wearing the proper gear. If dry ice has been in a confined space (e.g. a closed car or room) for more than 10 minutes, open the doors and windows before entering or you may experience difficulty breathing. Leave the area immediately if you start to breathe quickly or have any difficulty breathing.

You never want to keep dry ice in a glass or tightly-sealed container. As the dry ice starts to sublimate into gas it will cause the air-tight container to expand and possibly explode.